November 12, 2012

Using Web 2.0 to Differentiate Instruction

This year, more than ever, educators are faced with the challenge of differentiating instruction and curriculum to allow all students to reach their potential.   How can we challenge students in higher order thinking skills such as analysis, logic, creation, reasoning, problem solving, and creativity? 

Implementing web 2.0 tools to differentiate for gifted learners, by Dr. Laurie Boen from Southwest Baptist University offered several great suggestions for teachers recently at the MO Gifted Conference.  With the implementation of standards based learning and in preparation for the Common Core, classroom instruction should allow students more opportunities to evaluate, synthesize, and analyze curriculum.  Teachers should be using the inverted Bloom’s Taxonomy triangle to add rigor to the classroom.  Encouraging students to utilize web 2.0 tools will foster complex learning activities that are relevant to identified standards and create a flexible learning environment.

Here are a few of the tools Dr. Boen presented:

Voice Thread
allows you to create presentations using your own voice. You can also upload pictures and videos to your presentation.

is a fun tool for students to create their own presentations without having to speak in front of the class. Students can take a picture or choose a picture from the gallery to “speak” their recorded voice.

is an online filing system. It allows you to create virtual binders. You can choose who can see your binders or open them up to the public.  

Post by Jill Marriott and Hanna Gibson on November 12, 2012